Solving for
Information Sprawl

Chris Slaugh

Mark Miller

Sr. Director, Enterprise Security Support

"How am I going to find this answer? Am I going to pull up these eight different resources, pull up eight windows and go search the same terms in each area? I have AptEdge, which is one. It was an eight fold gain of time."


Seach Efficiency

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Venafi is a leader in machine identity management, safeguarding machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi secures and protects machine identities by using certificates and keys, offering critical security measures for IT infrastructures. Their clients include the world's largest and most security-conscious organizations, such as major banks, manufacturers, and financial institutions.


Information Sprawl:
Venafi’s decision to implement AptEdge was driven by its robust ability to address and simplify the complexities associated with information sprawl. Particularly its ability to aggregate scattered data from various platforms into a unified agent interface, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.

Integration: AptEdge provides a centralized search feature within Venafi's customer relationship management (CRM) system, enabling support agents to quickly locate relevant data across various platforms, including internal documents and discussions in tools like Slack.


Information Sprawl:
The dispersion of information across multiple systems and platforms made it difficult for support agents to quickly locate necessary information to address customer issues effectively. This challenge is accentuated by the growth and expansion of the organization, which leads to more team members, more locations, and more solutions, thus further compounding the issue of scattered information.

Lack of Integration:
Their previous solution did not integrate well into the user interface, nor did it adequately search across all locations. This lack of integration and functionality hindered the support team's ability to access vital information quickly and efficiently.


Search Efficiency: The primary result from implementing AptEdge was found in a significant reduction in time spent searching. With so many knowledge sources, Agents previously would have to search up to 8 different tools with the same search terms. Now, it is just 1 search.

Onboarding: New Agents now hit the ground running sooner, resolving tougher cases with less onboarding time.

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