Make Knowledge Actionable for Customer Care

Simplified CX while reducing tickets and cost through AI-Driven Knowledge Orchestration powered by GPT (Generative AI). Turn disparate knowledge systems into actionable results.

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Ticket Volume Reduction

Automate and deflect repetitive support issues leading to 30% more agent productivity

“Our teams lose too much time diagnosing, investigating and churning on problems that are similar, duplicates, and/or known issues.”

Charles Coaxum

VP Customer Experience

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Prevent Escalations

Instant answers for immediate tier 1 resolution reducing escalation up to 35%

“With AptEdge, we're resolving tickets faster, reducing escalations, and achieving 99% CSAT.”

Renee Bastine

Sr. Dir. Customer Support

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Improved Resolution Times

Improve first contact resolutions and average handle time with accurate answers by up to 40%

“AptEdge automated our knowledge discovery, greatly reducing our reliance on tacit knowledge.”

Adam Savage

Chief Digital Officer

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Built For All Teams From Enterprise to Startups

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Empower your Agents to be instant experts

By surfacing contextualized knowledge your team can quickly resolve issues, improve response quality, and keep your customers happy. Automatically deflect common cases, group simiar cases, and have your team focus on high value items.

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Give your sales team a competitive edge

Instantly find info needed to prep for meetings, understand everything about your accounts, and turn your prospects into customers. Real time visibility into your customer health to proactively reduce risk of customer churn.

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Keep your Devs focused on writing code

With all relevant info in one place, quickly track down past mentions, find resolutions to bugs, and ship more code. Full visibility into trending issues to get ahead of them before they impact the business.

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Help your product teams streamline product optimization

With on demand access to all info the team needs, monitor project progress, solve any issues that arise, and implement projects faster. Instant visibility into product trends to identify product opportunities and priortize bug fixes and feature requests.

Easily connect to your existing apps

AptEdge integrates with all the apps you use. Knowledge bases, ticketing systems, issue tracking tools, CRMs, code repositories, collaboration tools, and everything else. Whatever you use we have you covered.

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"Using AptEdge to enable information discovery from both our current knowledge stack as well as legacy systems has been invaluable, greatly reducing reliance on tacit knowledge within our organization."

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Adam Savage - Hexagon

Chief Digital Officer

Learn how Everbridge reached 99.99% CSAT with AptEdge

We meet the highest security standards

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SOC2 Type II Certified

We are SOC2 Type II Compliant. We follow the highest practices of coding, security and PII protection.

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HIPAA Compliant

Customer’s protected health information is maintained and secured in accordance with HIPPA regulations.

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Secure Encryption

Your data is fully encrypted and isolated in our secured GCP data center cloud.

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