Edge Automation

Trend Identification to Action and Deflect

Trend Identification to

Action and Deflect

AptEdge Edge Automation leverages proprietary Machine Learning models to identify common trends in support cases and tickets linked into resolutions. Using Edge Automation supports team can lower ticket/support volumes by grouping common tickets for immediate deflection and reduce escalations by assigning tickets to the right escalation team members. Additionally, product team and executives get key insight into potential trends impacting CSAT and feature request.

shows the average cost of resolving ticket for level 1, 22 dollar and desktop support ticket is 22 dollar

Trend Identification and Escalation Resolution

Group and resolve common tickets for deflection and faster resolution. Allow your customer care team to do more with less.

Proactive Analytics

AptEdge Analytics provides a holistic view of the health of support environment pulling in knowledge sources across multiple platforms. Understand immediate themes and trends related by customer, product, or ticket type over time to drive efficiency and key business insights.

“AptEdge automated our knowledge discovery, greatly reducing our reliance on tacit knowledge.”

Adam Savage

Chief Digital Officer

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