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"Our agent efficiency is up by 50% with AptEdge, reducing headcount and onboarding costs"


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Hexagon is a global technology company specializing in sensor, software, and autonomous technologies. They focus on providing digital solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity in a variety of industries including manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, and construction. Their approach integrates data and technology to create smart, sustainable solutions for various geospatial and industrial applications. Hexagon's vision revolves around leveraging advanced technologies to shape smart change in industries and communities around the world.


Knowledge Unification:
Recognizing the complexities and varied nature of the companies they acquired, Hexagon sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate these diverse entities.

Customer Support:
AptEdge offered a more cohesive and efficient system, to deliver a superior customer experience resulting in faster resolution times.

Agent Success:
Unified knowledge significantly reduced the time and effort required to locate information and respond to customer inquiries.


Having acquired a variety of companies with different support systems and customer expectations, faced the challenge of integrating diverse teams and knowledge bases.

Global Team Alignment
Separate support teams with different sets of information.

Disparate Knowledge
Difficulty in accessing and consolidating information across various systems.

Resolution Time
High expectations from customers for quick and accurate solutions.


Agent Efficiency: Ability to access 50-60% more information .

Improved Satisfaction: Significant improvement in customer satisfaction from faster and accurate responses.

Resolution Time: The increased access to information resulted in resolving tickets faster.

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