AptEdge is building the industry’s first “Answer Engine” powered by Generative AI

Powered by Generative AI

Unifying Knowledge for Instant Answers

AptEdge is building the industry’s first “Answer Engine” powered by Generative AI

shows the average cost of resolving ticket for level 1, 22 dollar and desktop support ticket is 22 dollar

How it works

With AptEdge AnswerGPT™ to index disparate systems and bring the most relevant knowledge, we are leveraging GPT to turn search results into human-like answers



anything, instantly



common responses



issues & sentiment



articles & content






into multiple languages

How does AptEdge leverage AI and machine learning?

AptEdge leverages AI in two primary ways. First, our unified search uses AI to understand the semantic meaning of the query, and then identifies conceptual links between the knowledge articles and referenced support cases to find the most relevant answer sources. Second, AnswerGPT™ utilizes LLMs to create a human-readable answer to the question from top sources. The agent can then edit that answer directly or further enhance it with AI.

What makes AptEdge different from other answer engines?

AptEdge’s proprietary AnswerGPT™ technology leverages our own AI models to look through disparate knowledge sources before leveraging GPT LMMs to create the answer. This experience lives right in the ticketing platform that the agent is using. Additionally, AptEdge also captures ticket trends and commonalities, allowing the support team to deflect and prevent escalations.

How does AptEdge help in customer support with GPT?

AptEdge AI finds answers to customer questions and uses Generative AI to create human-readable responses in seconds.

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