Enhancing Agent Time
to Productivity

Chris Slaugh

Chris Slaugh

Former VP, Global Customer Support

"Now our brand new analysts come on board and they hit that time to productivity number within two months. So that's almost 70% improvement in our time to productivity."


Improvement to Analysis Time


Improvement to Time to Productivity


Improvement to Resolution Time

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Cority provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions aimed at enhancing environmental, health, safety (EHS), and sustainability management within organizations. Their platform, known as CorityOne, is a human-centered enterprise EHS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform designed by industry experts. The primary goal of CorityOne is to empower organizations to become healthier, safer, and more sustainable, ultimately contributing to the construction of better enterprises for the future. The platform integrates various facets of EHS management, offering a unified experience and leveraging advanced analytics and expert-driven insights to enhance organizational performance.


Cority chose AptEdge for its ability to enhance agent productivity and success. Key factors in this decision included:

Integration with Existing Systems: AptEdge's ability to federate across various platforms like Confluence, JIRA, and Salesforce without additional connector costs.

Training and Onboarding: AptEdge provided hands-on training directly to analysts and team leads, ensuring higher adoption rates.

AI-Powered Support: Leveraging AI for data visualization, reporting, and proactive customer frustration identification.


Agent Productivity:
Agent productivity, particularly with new agents, in terms of time to productivity. Their target was to reduce the time taken to hit case closure targets.

Resolution Times:
Improving resolution times for customer queries was a major concern.

Agent Training and Onboarding:
Efficiently onboarding new agents and ramping up their productivity was challenging, given the complexity of Cority's platform.


Improved Time to Productivity: This metric was reduced from six months to two months, a 67% improvement.

Enhanced Resolution Times: A 12% improvement in overall resolution times for customer issues.

Search Efficiency: Up to 75% improvement in search times for analysts.

Cost Savings: Significant cost reductions due to not requiring additional connectors for various data sources.

Agent Experience: Improved agent experience and efficiency, leading to better customer service.

AI Utilization: Effective use of AI in linking common issues and proactive problem-solving.

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