What is Enterprise Search?

What is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise search is the process of finding information within a company’s internal or external resources and displaying that information to the user. True “Enterprise” search will comb across all the different tools and knowledge sources utilized by an organization. This includes documents, emails, communication apps, bug tracking apps, and just about anything else. It is different from a standard search engine because it is designed to encompass various resources that normally otherwise wouldn’t be connected. For example, say you are searching for resources on a product bug, rather than looking in Jira and confluence, enterprise search will include both of those systems so you only search once. The main benefit of Enterprise Search is the ability to find information quickly and easily. This helps prevent escalations, manage escalations, move deals along, and speed up internal projects.

How can Enterprise Search Benefit your Business? 

Being able to access information quickly will decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve customer or internal issues. Time is money. Less time spent searching for information means more cost savings for your team and time to accomplish other tasks. Enterprise search can help you improve customer service and reduce operational costs. The number one complaint among customers is poor customer service. Enterprise search will ensure customer issues are solved quickly and accurately. 

What is an Enterprise Search tool I can get started with Today? 

AptEdge is an enterprise search solution that works with Support, Engineering, Product, and Sales teams. Think of it as google for your tools and knowledge base. Utilizing enterprise search will increase efficiencies across multiple departments and exponentially increase the value of saved time. You can get started here for free!

Get Going Today!

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