AI Copilot Explained: What is AI Copilot and How do they work?

In a plane, the pilot is accompanied by a co-pilot who can provide assistance over a long flight. As AI and automation continues to advance, it's capabilities increase to copilot for your business. Imagine your business journey is a long flight. You need an AI Agent Copilot (or AI Co-pilot) that can take on business elements like customer support.

What is AI Copilot?

An AI co-pilot is a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that assists humans in various tasks by providing insights, suggestions, and automated actions. Utilizing machine learning and data analysis, it enhances efficiency and effectiveness in operations like customer service, finance, or writing. This technology represents a synergy of human expertise with AI's precision and speed, handling routine tasks while aiding in complex decision-making.

How does AI Copilot work?

An AI Copilot leverages Generative AI integrated with multiple apps such as Slack, Jira, Zendesk, and Microsoft Teams to automate tasks that may be redundant and time-consuming. Copilots are powered by LLMs (Large Language Models) to mimic human-like conversations and support across multiple Enterprise platforms. They provide the following benefits:

Semantic Context

AI Copilot, powered by LLMs are trained with NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques due to which they will be able to parse through more text than humans can and make insights, provide text summarization and provide better solutions for any queries the customer may have. 

Data Analytics

By consolidating all user interactions and customer support needs, an AI-Copilot can provide proactive analytics for churn prediction from which insights can be gained to prevent customers from leaving and identify major problems.

Improvement in Communication

With high levels of NLP in LLMs, AI Copilot can mimic humans while interacting with customers. If the LLM is trained in not only English but other languages, that significantly improves CSAT in your business and increases customer loyalty to your brand.

By analyzing the customer’s data and previous interactions with the business, the AI Copilot can learn more about them and customize responses and queries based on that. To assist you in communication improvement, AptEdge provides AnswerGPT, the industry’s first “Answer Engine”.

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

Multi-platform Support

When it comes to AI Copilot in an Enterprise setting, it can provide support not only as an AI chatbot but also provide assistance in different platforms such as e-mail automation, tagging problems to different categories and much more.

With Copilot, you can integrate with multiple enterprise platforms. AptEdge’s GPT Answer Engine can provide you with seamless integration across all enterprise applications.

These functionalities of AI Copilot give room to many use cases in real-world scenarios that benefit from using it.

Use Cases of AI Copilots

When it comes to using AI Copilot for real-world scenarios, there are many use cases in which AI Copilot will not only be beneficial but also be an irreplaceable benefit. Some of them can be looked into in detail below.

Code Completion

When you write a piece of code to include new functionalities in your business model or upgrade old functions, you do not need to waste time manually writing every single line. Similar to GitHub Copilot, AI Copilot can also provide several code completion recommendations with just a singular prompt.

Use AptEdge’s AnswerGPT to understand more about how you can use Copilot’s code autocomplete functionality to your benefit.

Financial Assistants

Any budgeting and financial steps you need to take can be taken from the insights given by AI Copilot. With its prediction capabilities and proactive analytics, an estimated budget can be calculated with the best-case and worst-case scenarios taken into consideration.

You can get your very own financial assistance from AptEdge’s AI-driven GPT Answer Engine.

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

Virtual Writers

Are you tired of answering loads of emails every day from your coworkers? You can use AI Copilot to write customizable human-like responses to automate your replies and save yourself a headache and lots of time that would have been wasted by going through emails and documents.

Customer Support

An AI Copilot will help your business the most in customer support. With Generative AI as a core technology, it can help you with text summarization, as a result prevent escalations, ultimately improving CSAT (short for Customer Satisfaction Score which is a performance indicator that helps in tracking how satisfied customers are, with your products or services). AptEdge is known for the great CSAT services provided by their products.

Enterprise AI Copilots

AI Copilots are used in Microsoft, Salesforce and many other companies to connect with apps that they are tied to. For example, getting Microsoft Copilot helps you not only in Microsoft Bing as Bing chat but will be able to use Gen AI in other apps such as One Note, PowerPoint and so much more. 

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

With a plethora of use cases similar to the ones discussed above, there is no doubt that there are many benefits of using an AI Copilot for your business.

Benefits of Using AI Copilot for Different Businesses

When it comes to discussing the ups, there are many advantages of AI Copilot that different businesses can use to their advantage. Some of them are discussed below:

Increased Efficiency

Using AI Copilot to run your business parallelly not only ensures greater efficiency, but machines can run 24/7 which means that AptEdge’s AI Copilot can run the applications for you with their Edge Automation technology. Copilot can detect trends and act on them.

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

Reduced cost

Running an AI Copilot 24/7 to automate redundant tasks will save you more money in the long run than hiring employees to do the same. You can also work with an AI Copilot for free by scheduling a demo with us.

Connection with different systems

Due to AI Copilot’s ability to integrate with multiple enterprise systems such as Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce and so on, it can be used to integrate with your enterprise system network and integrate all customer data across all the platforms for uniformity.

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

Remote access

With AI Copilot, there is no need to come to an office and meet your employees. With an E-commerce business, you can conduct all-important business operations in the comfort of your home. The cost of renting an office building and its maintenance is saved.

Increase employee’s skills relative to AI Copilot

With all the redundant tasks automated, you can hire employees with a much higher skill level or specialized skills which Copilot cannot do (in case the customers want to express their grievance to a human). AptEdge’s Edge Automation can help identify the problems by tagging them automatically and reduce problem escalation by assigning the right tags to the right member.

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

Difference between AI copilots vs. AI chatbots vs. virtual agents

With AI being the talk of the digital town, there are many terms describing AI tools that are interchangeably used. The most common ones are the ones where AI Copilot, AI Chatbot and Virtual Agents are used interchangeably. Though they are similar, they have key differences.



AI Copilot

AI Chatbot

Virtual Agents


They are systems or assistants created to help the business owner manage their business with the help of Generative AI.

They are systems made to chat with customers to identify the problem and assist in solving the problem.

Similar to Copilot, virtual agents provide support to the customer not only via chats but also through voice messages and calls.


They can be integrated with many applications such as Zendesk, Salesforce and so on to help ease the load on the business owner.

AI Chatbots cannot be integrated with as many applications as compared to Copilot. They mostly stay in an isolated environment.

Virtual Agents can be integrated with the e-commerce site but not into the enterprise applications as Copilot can.

Role in business

Helps the business owner in managing their business and improve customer support and helps customers in dealing with any problems they’re facing with the business’s products.

Simply chat and text with the customer to get their problems so that they can either send emails (automated) or assign the problem to a human employer.

Provide customer support and divide the workload, but don’t help the business owner as much compared to Copilot.

Usefulness in customer support

AI Copilot can be used for virtual writing, financial advisor, data analytics and many more.

AI chatbots are preemptively programmed only to handle some scenarios. Due to this, its ability to provide Customer Support is very limited.

Virtual agents are also pre-programmed to only handle simple scenarios. Complex scenarios are handed to the human supervisor who will take over. But they have more means of communication compared to AI chatbots.

Example applications

Microsoft Copilot, GitHub Copilot, AptEdge’s Copilot.

ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat, Amazon chat, and many more.

Alexa for Amazon, Cortana for Microsoft, Siri for Apple, and Google Assistant for Google.

From this, we can briefly summarize the main differences between the three. AI Copilot has a multifaceted support system spanning multiple platforms and provides support for both the business owner and customers, whereas AI Chatbots can chat and text with users to find any problems and provide limited support. Unlike Copilot and Chatbots, Virtual Assistants provide basic customer support with not only chats and emails but also voice messages and calls.

Future Trends in AI Copilot

With the world becoming more digitized by the day, and an increase in efficiency and speed becoming a necessity, there is a greater need for an AI Copilot now more than ever. Consequently, projects and handling problems have become more complex. Due to the diverse needs and requirements in less time than ever, the need for humans working with AI has become more than ever.

In the future, the integration between business sites and AI Copilot will be inevitable and as time passes, Generative AI will only become more powerful from now onwards. There will be greater demand for high-quality data analysis, automation and much more.

In the current landscape, it is highly possible that AI Copilot will become indispensable in the near future.

Select  the Right Enterprise AI Copilot for Customer Support

If you want to be a part of the future and want to improve your business, you can start working with AptEdge’s Enterprise AI Copilot to start your journey with Gen AI. AptEdge provides you with many functionalities such as proactive analytics, Edge Automation, escalation support and so much more. What’s even better? You can schedule a free demo to use AptEdge’s services, and then decide to move forward. There is no loss from your side.

AptEdge’s Edge Automation integrates with many applications to help your business and ease the workload. Maintaining a business and its viability is one of the greatest challenges and AptEdge knows it.

AI copilot is a conversational interface that uses large language models to support users in various tasks and decision-making, fostering productivity and creativity

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With the increase of value in the digital world, there is a greater push to consistently get better services. With generative AI, the demand for great customer support has increased exponentially. Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple have set the standards with their respective products providing the best quality possible. To compete with such competitors, many startups collaborate with AI Copilots, virtual assistants, and much more to bring out more creativity in their solutions and stand out.

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