Introducing AptEdge: Your Internal Toolkit to 10x Support Workflows

We’re excited to share what we’re working on at AptEdge: a smarter way to review, manage and analyze your support tickets.

In early 2019, we started with a question: how can support teams improve their response times while decreasing the number of tickets outstanding? 

We noticed that as companies scale, support teams struggle to keep up with the number of issues and escalations caused by continuous product updates.

Continuous product updates cause more escalations

As we thought of a solution, we worked closely with front-line support agents, escalation managers, and support executives to understand their process. 

Here’s what we learned:


Front line support agents want to improve their response times by not having to search the knowledge base for each ticket. Instead, they’d prefer to see if and how the ticket has been solved previously by another agent within the organization.

Escalation Managers 

Escalation managers want to see trends across support tickets and need a workflow for escalations to engineering teams. They want an easy way to communicate a group of tickets in relation to a bug and correlate that to revenue impact.

Support Executives 

Support executives want to see real-time insights like the number of outstanding tickets, the potential revenue impact of a group of tickets, and the ability to share findings with the rest of the company.

By listening to our users we’ve built a product that increases support team efficiency by a factor of ten. 

Efficient resolution for happier customers with AptEdge

How did we do it?

What was previously managed by ad-hoc Slack threads and spreadsheets with collections of tickets is now a streamlined workflow on AptEdge. Instead of manually tracking related tickets, agents can link them to an Edge where tickets are automatically grouped inside Zendesk or Service Cloud with machine learning.

An Edge is a combination of related tickets, support documentation, and troubleshooting playbooks available to all agents in the organization. With Edges, support agents don’t have to solve the same issue more than once.

What is an edge?

By providing agents with existing support documentation and troubleshooting playbooks in each Edge they can respond faster and improve collaboration with each other. 

Tickets that are identified as challenges are escalated and shared with managers in one click. Furthermore, connect Edges (related tickets) to bugs and send them to engineering in Jira for fast case & bug resolutions. 

While we have been around for over a year, we have spent that time building, enhancing, and refining our solution with early partners to better suit the needs of today’s customer support teams! 

Our product deploys in minutes and unlocks insight hidden in customer data to bring Support and Product teams closer. Our aim is to prevent customer escalations with intelligent workflow automation and increase agent efficiency.

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