Everbridge Achieves 99% Customer Satisfaction with Help from AptEdge

In our day and age, when customer expectations are at an all time high, it has never been more important to provide prompt, accurate customer support. With this in mind, Everbridge is always looking for ways to make the life of their customer support techs better so that they can provide the best possible support to their growing customer base. As part of this initiative, Everbridge turned to AptEdge to ensure their techs had access to the contextualized information they needed to promptly respond and resolve customer support issues. This initiative, amongst others, has led their team to post a 99% customer satisfaction rating over the past year.

Everbridge Results with AptEdge

Everbridge Manages the Full Lifecycle of Critical Events

Everbridge provides a Critical Event Management platform that helps organizations manage the full lifecycle of a critical event: Assess risks and determine which are relevant to your assets and people; Locate mobile and traveling employees, as well as responders, who are near or traveling to areas of risk; Act to automate standard operating procedures to launch and manage incident response; and Analyze performance to identify bottlenecks and improve response to subsequent events.

Having a solution that is vital to the safety of their customer's employees and data, it is no wonder Everbridge takes their customer support organization so seriously. When one of their customers is having an issue, that issue can literally be a life and death situation. In order to provide better customers service, Everbridge realized they needed to make the lives of their support agents better. Or as Melanie, Director of Escalations and Support, stated: "We need to make the lives of our techs better, we need to do everything we can to help them. This idea was really ingrained into the management team."

Faster Ticket Resolution

Prior to AptEdge, Everbridge was relying on their techs ability to search for information in multiple systems and knowledge bases in order to find the answers they needed to respond and resolve customer support tickets. This elongated the resolution time as information was not readily available in a single system.

Everbridge tapped AptEdge to ensure their techs had immediate access to the information they needed. AptEdge brings all customer support systems, knowledge bases, similar tickets, and trends (called Edges in AptEdge) into a single search and recommendation engine that lives within the ticketing system the techs already use. This transitions the ticketing system from a system of record to a system of engagement. AptEdge automatically analyzes all incoming tickets and provides the tech with the contextualized information they need to engage with customers and take immediate action.

Reduced Escalations

Not only has Everbridge made the life of their techs better, but in doing so, they're also making the lives of their customers better too. Everbridge is able to resolve tickets faster and reduce the overall number of tickets that require escalation, making everyone happier in the process. Melanie explained that; "AptEdge's frustration score is helping us know and identify cases that might escalate." This allows Everbridge to proactively create Edges that their techs can use to resolve tickets before they escalate. She continues; "When we have an issue that is widespread, we create an Edge that gets referred to a lot. Then when we need it we can quickly find the workaround. I don't have to do all the searching in different systems to find it. Is it in Jira? In Salesforce? Do I need to ask Renee? No, I know Exactly where it is, and AptEdge presents it as a recommendation when we need it."

99% Customer Satisfaction

Despite all of the challenges the past year has had on support teams around the world, Everbridge has been able to maintain their customer satisfaction numbers throughout. Renee noted that; "Our customer satisfaction rates have been 99% ever since we put AptEdge in use. A big part of the reason is the fact we were able to push out answers to our techs very quickly when issues were presented with workarounds or solutions. They were quickly accessible in one place. That meant we were able to get the answers to our customers quickly and accurately. The fact that we were able to maintain our customer satisfaction numbers through all of the challenges in 2021, is just amazing."

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You don't have to take our word for it. Renee recommends AptEdge by saying; "With the things AptEdge is doing in the product like auto-linking, auto-replies, and searching outside sources like our knowledge base, Confluence, Jira, pulling all of those sources into one tool that I can go to find the information I need, is monumental and huge. I would absolutely recommend AptEdge based on the direction it's headed in, in addition to what is already there." Give AptEdge a try in your environment today.

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